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The E3 2016, the biggest gaming-focused expo, is just around the corner. Gamers around the world are excited as this year, the show is expected to be phenomenal. All of the giants of the gaming industry, are expected to reveal some exciting new hardware and software. From new IPs to Xbox One Slim, there’s a lot to look forward to.


This is not just a rumour anymore, Sony has confirmed the existence of the PS4’s successor, PS4K or Neo or PS4.5. To meet the 4K and VR demands of gamers, Sony has decided to break tradition and make a mid-generation hardware upgrade. However, Sony will not be showcasing this new hardware for us at E3. We can expect to hear more about the exclusive titles coming up for the PS4 as well as some talk about the PSVR is sure to make the podium.


Earlier this year, a leak revealed that Microsoft had ordered mass production of two new versions of Xbox One. One is purported to be a slimmed down version of the existing console, Xbox One Slim Edition, and the other being Xbox One Scorpio, a hardware upgrade to the current generation console which will be capable of 4K gameplay. Although Scorpio’s launch has been scheduled in 2017, there is a chance that Microsoft may give us a peek at the new console at E3 to compete with Sony’s PS4K. Xbox One Slim will also be part of the show. We are sure to see some more footage from the xbox/PC exclusives being geared up, pun intended, for release this fall.

Xbox VR (Microsoft Bonus)

This is right out of the blue as Microsoft has not announced any VR headsets that are in development, nor have there been any leaks about the same, which in itself is very rare in this industry. But this was revealed by E3 itself. That’s right, on E3’s site a category to be present at the expo was mentioned to be Xbox VR. This rumour is supported by the fact that a big European game developer is working on an Xbox VR game for release in April next year. Maybe we’ll get to see both the game and Xbox VR in action at E3 (a guy can hope!), but something will definitely be showcased.


We cannot forget Nintendo when mentioning mid-generation hardware upgrades. The whole trend was started by Nintendo when rumours started making the round that Nintendo was working on NX, a new hybrid console. A console that is both handheld and a home console has not seen much popularity in the past (*cough* Wii U *cough*), but maybe this time Nintendo will get it right. However, Nintendo too has told us that we can expect no new console announcement at E3 this year.
This year the gaming company is going to be focused on the new Legend of Zelda game and maybe some talk about its newly announced Pokemon titles.

Games from EA, Bethesda, Ubisoft and many others…

Of course, it wouldn’t be an E3 without games from the ultra-class gaming companies. All major developers except a few are going to showcase what they have been working on for the past year. Make no mistake, this show decides the future of the gaming world for the next year to a major extent. AAA IPs to indie titles, every flavor and every colour of games is going to be present at this show.

EA is going to be present with Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2 and other sports games. Bethesda will be there with Dishonored 2 for sure and Ubisoft will showcase the newly revealed Watchdogs 2, an Assassin’s Creed game, and maybe, For or.

…And Much More!

There are many things and information that is not leaked. Many major announcements will be made. So make sure to check back. Let us know in the comments what are you most excited about at E3. E3 kicks off on 13th July.

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