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Just another tech year and as it is end of the month its time for some new expectation in the world of apple. Finally, the rumors coming up with the new launch of MacBook in march. It is interesting how apple is trying to keep the changes upto itself but still our consumers find the way to see what they are expecting is upto the mark or not. Similarly from trusted sources like inquistr.com, digital trends.com, bgr.com it seems like we found out on the web recent about the upcoming MacBook’s.

                                                                                            Air or Pro
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The question at this point arrives is whether it is the Pro that is going to get the update or the Air. Its been a while since the pro got the major update last time but we are still uncertain of what is going to be upgraded as of now. However, if apple reveals the MacBook pro then it would lower the prices of the previous mac just as normal but incase if apple replaces the MacBook air 11 inches with the 15 inch model as per the resources. Apple might also produce 12 inch MacBook beginning soon this quarter or the 15 inch MacBooks production beginning in the third quarter.

Will it be faster? (Skylake Processor)
Most of what we expect from the MacBook is definitely the new intel fast Skylake processor. As Apple has not been running outdated on the processors, the new 12 inch MacBook would still be equipped with intel Skylake processors along with the MacBook pro or air which will also have the thunderbolt 3 port for the same.

More Pixels please show up

While a lot of laptops and devices have started to bring the game up with more pixels from 1080p, its time for apple to get going with the game as well. All the apple devices currently are based on 1080p and as far as the display is concerned, apple got the retina display on point but only if it continues to upgrade the aspects of the screen is where it could get interesting. The different type of screen such as OLED are also on discussion but these is what apple should keep an eye around the other competitors to stay solid.

Where is my Pendrive? (USB Type C)
This is probably not one of the major changes in the mac but something that could possibly be seen with the emergence of the new MacBook. Since these popular type of connectors are coming up as a new trend in certain window laptops with much smaller and the same speed as type A Usb (upto 3.1mbps) would replace the traditional style USB. Apple is planning to get this new type of USB with all its line of macs coming now and in future. This new type of Usb will lead to better transfer speeds from media devices and may come in handy with the removable devices attached to macs in regards to the pricy internal storages on the MacBooks and helping media users in creating and editing.

Let me see my wallet (Price)

The prices at this moment, is hard to figure as we are not sure as of now whether its air or pro coming out in the market but for the time being we could pretty much get an idea from the previous macs that have been released in the past years. Comparing their prices when the models were launched and usually the price is going to be either the same as the last time the same product was launched or the current price of the same model that was launched last time. With that price being set for the newly launched MacBooks, all the previous models are definitely going to turn down their prices and become cheaper with the newer ones available in the market.

When is it going to be mine? (Launch date)

Last time around March apple revealed its new MacBook Pro and got its consumers the slight little changes in the system but the usual variants based on storage and processors the same. This time again it is believed that apple would unveil the great news for the consumers somewhere around March or in the month of June 2016 at the WWDC event.

At last, with the uncountable belief in the consumers when it comes to Apple, and the proof of it being 20.38 million macs sold in 2015 which is a hike of 4.03% compared to 2014, consumers have some really high hopes for the big news coming up and just like all the previous years, if Apple gets it right the percentage might go significantly higher at the end of this year as well.

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