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Apple steps its foot in an another race and this time to lead in the world of music. The most awaited apple music launched with the iOS 8.4 on 1st July provided a major reformation for apple users to love their devices even more.  The most amazing feature about the apple music is its price and the features that it provides along with Taylor swifts latest albums. Well it should count as a feature for all the online music players streaming out there as Taylor swift is a valuable gift to music. 

 The apple music comes out with the subscription of Rs120 (India) and $10 (US and other countries) per month for individual device and a family sharing pack for about Rs190 per month with up to 6 members user subscription. With that price it's just a very nominally affordable for that amazing library of 30 million songs that you could take offline on the go. Now Apple takes an even bigger leap in India and other countries where spotify is not available. The tough competitor is even hard to replace with apple music with trust over a large audience and a very high satisfaction rate. Thus, apple music is all they have got on their android and windows devices apart from the iOS platform and at a global audience with places where online streaming players are not in a big competition.

Lets see towards what has apple got with its new apple music in the mark and starting with that we have got five tabs at the bottom of the application that work with providing some of the best music beats:-

For You


First in the line we have got “For you” tab that shortlists music according to our tastes according to what we have entered as amongst our favorite artists and the genre that we love to listen. This menu is all filled with graphic artwork for every artist and a new album scrutinized and selected by Apple Music. This menu is a mix blend of your local artists and the internationally recognized artists from the globe. The artists and genre could be selected from the top left icon as an individual profile icon present.


The second tab in the row we have got is new. This interesting tab gets you everything around your locality, region that too fresh and sorted for you. There are various sub categories in this tab. Ranging from the type of activities (working out, chilling out, BBqing, feeling blue, breaking up, Celebrating, cooking, dancing, driving, kicking back, partying, studying, running etc.), apple music editors, curators,  you are performing at the present moment and that is real interesting for the kind of thing you are doing as of now is what the same kind of music you have to keep you engaged. In this tab you also get hot tracks recommendation, music videos, essentials, new artists spotlight too from the genres you selected at the first table.


Its an interesting tab and in this section apple has introduced its 24/7 265 days online radio to the worldwide audience known as beats 1 station and along with that many other stations with live telecast according to their availability in certain countries.


This is a unique feature of apple music which makes it distinct from other music players in stand upfront competition. Connect tab lets the listeners to connect their favourite artists who are available on the apple music and by following them just like twitter you get their status updates and are given opportunity to like their statuses and even communicate through the comment section. Along with that you have got the typical share icon of apple to share and copy the link of the content including pictures posted by the artists to various different social sharing applications and media. It is an easy and comparatively simple to get through the connect tab of apple music. As of now we have major artists like Enrique, Demi Lovato, U2, Madonna, Afrojack, Selena Gomez, Nirvana, Maroon 5, One Direction, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, Pearl Jam, Britney Spears,  etc.

My Music

The last tab in the row we have got here is the one and only section which we have full control of. This section includes everything from our library whether its the one which we have played or added for offline use. On the second we have got our own playlists tab selecting from the top center options and is right after library section. Playlist as we are already familiar with lets us customize the music according to our own individual choices and play them in a single go just as the order selected by an individual or just as the type of playlist created.

At last you could only enjoy the most of it with that subscription right at the beginning of the app you get. However the 3 months trial is not at all a bad idea but for that you have to enter your credit card details before hand to avail the trial and get charged automatically after those initial 3 months trial period. Also the service is on auto-renewal, so make sure you are always aware of that bill in your credit card statement each month and until that PEACE..!!!

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