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Have you ever wondered that what might be next after handheld devices. Well if you are way ahead and thinking about holographic sort of thing then you need to wait a decade but as of now we see Lenovo taking an initiative of making a stick one of those which we are familiar with android OS in them but here with a little

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Lenovo has just announced a $130 stick known as Idea center stick 300, that connects to any HDMI and with the tweak as windows 8.1 operating system in it. Although this is not new but lenovo has packed an Intel Baytrail Z3735F CPU, 2GB of Ram, and up to 32gb of storage. Apart from these if you expect a little more then a built in speaker and SD card reader seems absolutely a solution to your necessity along with the windows 8.1 operating system.

The big question here arises, Why do I need it? Well you need this because its a solution to your non portable or even portable devices. With just a stick you could do your personal, business chores while on a vacation, business trip or any meeting at the comfort of your hotel room by simply plugging the stick into the nearest HDmi supported screen and you are good to go with a fancy little mouse and keyboard for the pleasure experience to begin right there. Its portable, light and easy to plug and play at any HDmi supported screens.
Although there are no release dates yet but it would be exciting to see the little beast in the dongle come to an action soon.

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