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img source:- ibntimes.co.uk

Another big invention in operating systems is around the corner and this time we expect something unusual and big in the series of windows. It’s not the successor to the number series but a skip to straight number 10. Seems like Microsoft wants to continue choosing its own lucky numbers and this time its Windows 10. I have been a big fan of windows 8 and moreover the major makeover made by the updated 8.1 windows and my initial windows 8 review made on my previous blog which you can find at Wordpress. This time I am again ready to unfold the big changes or to cover up some of the unique feature in the upcoming generation of windows.

The first major fact about the windows 10 is that it is available for totally free to download for all the previous windows users just the ones running post vista. Which includes windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1 and significant number of the users are still available on the above mentioned operating systems. This is great initiative by microsoft as they very have understand the dynamic nature of the business and making their customers happy by keeping them posted with the latest operating system that too for free. Windows 8 and 8.1 was not a bliss for all the windows users including professionals and also the basic level users, counting as one of the reasons for not being a major success. The most interesting feature about windows 8 and 8.1 is the boot up time which was reduced to just 8 seconds and also I was fascinated by the fast processing speed in windows 8.1 as compared to 8 and 7.

Snap Assist
img source:- Cnet
Now this is something that enhances the multitasking ability on window platform. The concept of multitasking is just increasing day by day. People tend to me more of a multitasker and regulate their life Although Microsoft brought it initially in windows 8 but it had some limited abilities and was just restricted to two windows on the screen. How with snap assist microsoft decided to bring 4 tabs with a smooth interface to manage all 4 of your tasks by splitting them across just a single screen.The concept of multitasking has been similar with mobile platforms pretty much with mac books by apple as well but 4 apps simultaneously is an amazing achievement. However the actual review could be made only when we have hands on it.

img source:- Betanews
The reforming and major enhancement into the world of PC operating systems is the introduction of cortana. Now ever since I heard about it, it excites the most out of what the verbal interaction with the windows and a human would actual be like on a big platform. This is the first time windows introduced Cortana an intelligent personal assistant for windows 10 and upcoming for Xbox one later this year, after getting its place already in windows 8.1 mobile devices. We are yet to experience what would the interaction and how humourous would Cortana would be apart from just being intelligent. Everytime I think about cortana, I get an image of siri from my subconscious mind talking to me and hence lets see if cortana could get out siri from the mind of  apple users and build its own image in becoming the intelligent personal assistant.

Microsoft Edge
img source:- Windowsblog.in
Microsoft when launched its internet explorer, it was the only browser for windows users to manage their searches and everything onto it but however the browser did not work upto expectations as there were various issues with the browsers including the constant crashing, delay in opening webpages, freezing and other issues relating to general as well as specific use of the users. In regards to that various web developers for windows platform have managed to excel and make their own browsers as part of the user’s necessity. Browsers like chrome and firefox are dominating into windows as of now but microsoft decided to bring a major change in launching a new series of browser. Yes, there would no longer be internet explorer in the series of upcoming windows. Microsoft edge is a newly launched web browser initially developed under the project named spartan and would be available for all handheld as well well and PC devices with windows 10 onwards. Some of the features we could find apart from regular browsing experience can be found below:-

i) Users would be able to annotate any web page using finger/stylus or keyboard input.
ii) A reading mode would be supported for better view of the content available on the web page.
iii) The cortana web assistant will be integrated into the browser.

Time to change the password system
We have been familiar with the password system around for a while. It basically refers to all those combination or simply presence of text and numbers all from just the keyboard but we had seen some of the new device locking system especially in android’s where you could unlock your phone with face detection apart from pattern, pin or password. Microsoft initiated a system of retina and fingerprint scanner to unlock the operating system and increasing the security of your device and pc’s for difficult access from the restricted authorities. This system is referred to as FIDO (Fast Identity Online) standard.

Command Prompt 
img source:- i.ytimg.com
It is a major reformation brought by windows 10 is in the command prompt section. Windows 10 provides users to copy and paste the commands in the command prompt window. This is one of the most relief to the users who have to type on the long scripts just to get a pinch of their task done. No more typing again and again of the commands simply copy from any webpage, notepad, document editing software and past in the command prompt window.

Interface adapting continuum
img source:- io.wp.com/pureinfotech.com
Microsoft initially suffered the touch pattern introduced with the windows 8 as most of the traditional machines with mouse and keyboard were just not settling up with it however the changes were bound to seen with the 8.1 update but windows 10 would just provide a makeover.

Continuum will allow users to adapt and provide an interface according to the hardware and type of device you are working upon like if you have 7in device with windows 8.1 will retain full desktop functionality with windows 10. However any sub-8in devices preloaded with windows 10 will not have the desktop functionality.

Unified App Store

img source:- Techspot.com
This new system of unified app store would provide single application for all platforms, whether it is mobile device, tablet or desktop upto 85 inches displays running windows 10. The developers do not have to waste their efforts on various platforms because everything is just made into 1 unified app store.

Universal Apps
img source:- Nokiapedia.com

With the live tiles it was not the same to operate it like the regular programs but with the universal apps users can now resize, minimize, move, maximize and close the apps just like the regular windows programs.

Windows security updates
img source:- News.softpedia.com

With the uniformity of the universal apps and a unified app system, Microsoft has decided to provide little enhancement to the windows update feature as well. The updates would be rolling out on regular basis and they would be prompted to be installed by the user as soon as they are ready.

For business Microsoft will provide fast paced cycle and allow businesses to lock-down mission critical apps and segment user groups to deliver updates in a more flexible way too.

Let’s multitask
img source:- Ophtek.com
It is a much efficient way to introduce quadrant apps layout providing upto four apps running simultaneously on the screen along with the smart suggestion that would help filling up the remaining space on the screen. Wow!

To view all the open apps, it's easy for the shortcut option Alt + Tab or else you can click below on the task view button on the taskbar. It would open all the apps, allow you to rearrange and switch between different desktops.

Inbuilt MDM
img source:- Video.ch9.ms
Administrators would be able to manage devices through traditional methods like Active Directory and System Center.

Windows 10 will also include extended built-in mobile device management (MDM) capabilities making it easier to manage device from the cloud.

Search it all
img source:- msftkitchen.com
With the windows 10 the search box could now be found on the taskbar however windows 8 was a perfect makeover to search as everything from files, apps, programs and folder could be found on the single search box in the start menu but now irregardless to explore the search you got it right on the taskbar.

A Bonus to the search mechanism has been added.as the search and file explorer now displays recent files and frequently visited folders making the files and folders easy to find, access and make significant changes.

Overall, we could expect a series of changes especially with the little icons and appearance, start menu, search, unified store and universal apps but the final question arrives to the consumers convenience and their easy understandability of the interface and to make their computer experience more upto their easy access. Microsoft wants to make their windows 10 platform available and wants people to make it once for all operating system and would further tend to abandon the services provided regarding earlier versions of windows and stay posted with microsoft’s latest piece of software and henceforth make a leap ahead in their future aim and vision.


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