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Iphones are just another piece of tech that fascinate me a lot. Oops i sound like mean, lets put it this way every apple lover globally is fascinated by it. Ever since i heard of iPhone while in my teenage, at first i was not bothered about the Apple's iPhone because it was a rare beat heard in the Indian music. The main  reason being costly, yes iPhones were and are still now damn costly than all other smartphones out there. Although, it now has a reputation of its own that is hard to reincarnate. In India no matter what feature it provides either best or the only one but the talk stops right there when its about price tag as being wise and rational consumers Indian's are always curious to know "bhai kitne ka padega" (BRO HOW MUCH WOULD IT COST). Now this was the boom for samsung in India to burst out their smartphone market from 2008-2012. It was a samsung sting bitten in every Indian with the series of android's launched in them on the counterpart apple reached it mark of an absolute success and more and more countries were prone to the touch screen pattern and the features it provided is where people accepted it as a pocket buddy and similarly the Indian's too. Where the specifications now were the hot topics of discussion. Although there are still other leaders in the market with their own squad but this is a squad that embarks its own remark on the globe, has earned its own recognition, prosperity and hence following the squad  i would like to get you acquainted with what caused the iPhone since 2007 to 2015 a global win and provide you the pure divine of its uniqueness.


In the year 2007 no one knew that a phone would make a history by winning hearts of billions of people worldwide. Apple was the first smartphone company to bring a new pattern of touch screen in the mobile devices. Technology was changing at a rapid pace and is still now on a similar pace. Just after its first launch the new touchscreen pattern within a few months became viral. People were admiring this new style of using their mobile phones with the least use of physical buttons and more with the tapping on the screen. It was like giving rest to the click of the buttons and just the fingers tapping all over the screen. This trend was brought up so well that it still exists after so many years with more advancements in the touch screen pattern bringing smoothness and overall crisp experience with more responsiveness.

Simple UI

Everyone want’s to get their hands on something which is very easy to understand or get through because being an easy operating device it drives the interest of the user to enjoy as and when the device is in the hands. This is one of the most important things on which every tech companies try to put effort on, with the operating softwares they want to keep a smooth interface because if they imburse their UI which is not user friendly or unable to understand in a single go its going to cause a big problem for the users in getting recognised the appropriate ability and correct use of the device. The more simple user interface the more sales they drive as more and more consumers are loving it. iPhone in terms of UI has some of its uniqueness. Whether someone wants to call or send text message the procedure remains easy and fun. It does not pack the device with new and new features not used in daily routine or very often unlike other mobile device companies like samsung, htc and sony who is always experimenting with features which are of no use. There is no point of packing the features when you are not going to use it.

Age Friendly

This is something similar to the UI. iPhone always with a release of its new device keeps this thing in mind and always makes the consumers know that this device is not only for people of certain age or for children, youngsters, old age people. This is the device for anyone and everyone because as soon as someone gets it in their hands they very easily understand its operating capacity keeping in mind their interests and laying them on the mobile device through the medium of apps of their own choice. Starting from the kids these days love mobile gadgets than the traditional toys which we use to play during our teenage.
They infact know better how to operate the new tech devices straight from the market. Most of the children are even educated through these devices, with the poems, games, stories apps in the devices gives children abundance of task to perform in their day and then comes the youngsters and teenagers who are always in the want of friends through social networking sites and other regular works apart from fun like checking emails etc. Iphone has a very unique integrated email application which is very easy, simple and hassle free to use. All the email accounts in one is an idea that everyone likes about because it saves a lot of time and prevents us from downloading each and every individual email application for that matter.

All In One (No Need Of Enough Variants)

Now this one is my favourite i guess it might be yours too if you own an iPhone. iPhone never confuses its consumers with abundance of variants unlike other smart phone devices. It likes to provide everything for a consumer once in a year. Although now iPhone has started providing choices to its consumers in terms of three colours with little tweaks in the specifications and features and obviously a larger space and the latest one is screen size but they are definitely not so much that would become difficult to handle. Unlike Samsung where they are all year ready to launch a new devices every month because then you never know what released when and which one to choose considering what is the new upcoming or the ongoing trend in the market. Samsung has these flagships going on amongst two series one is Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. Now that whenever i am ready to buy a latest Note 4 and soon they announce S6 about to hit the shelves and even the edge material too is a confusion all around. Although you get the best specifications in both of these but still you have a lot of brain work to do before choosing the right one.

The Most Secure Consumer Operating Device
There is no doubt that iPhones have the most secured softwares in the world. The iCloud lock is so crazy that even once you find a dropped iPhone you won't be able to open that iCloud lock without the password. I have seen those kind of iPhone being sold of $25 that too was the value of their body parts. That is the safety it provides to the consumers and this is what is Apple’s one of the biggest advantage of all. These days almost all our personal, private, business data are online or on devices especially our smartphones. We perform and store every secure transaction, documentation, online browsing history, research, meetings record and other confidential data in our devices. It might be a computer, tablet or an iPhone. The apple devices all of them provide the most secured iOS (Operating Software) that is hard to crack or bypass when a devices gets stolen or lost. Hackers cannot get easily into it but on the other hand I remember a news on a news channel where there was a serious crime investigation going on and the irony of all was that FBI could not crack the passcode of the iPhone even if they had to wipe out the data of the victim murdered. Oh yes it is that secure. I consider to tell someone your passcode who is not ready to reveal it unless required to do so..

No Useless But Quality Apps

There are 3 dominating markets stores available in mobile devices, all the three mobile operating system stores. Play store for Android, App Store for iPhone, Windows store for windows phones and when it comes to quality apps with regardless to any doubt Apple takes a clear win. Apple being the second largest app store with 1.4 million apps available. The number one standing is Android Play Store and the one and only thing which is a botheration for the play store is that there are abundance of useless apps in the play store. Although most of them are taken down and google is still working on making the useless apps stay off the store but still there are many and abundance of bogus apps that are signed by google and still present in the play store. The apps are not just bogus but they are simply useless and most of them are similar or copied to one another. So with the quality standing out Apple is by far the best in terms of quality apps and when the quality apps get along with the smooth user interface they come to life on an iPhone.

The Software (Big B)
The software requirements are must to fulfill and blame the User experience too and its always cool to stay updated on the software part unless and until there is some serious bugs with the latest update. Just like apple brought the major battery drain bug with the ios 7.1 and people almost had to suffer the arrival of the ios 8 and that to for around 11 months because apple was busy with other future projects one of them being ios 8. The thing i want to explain here is that the ios is the solid operating system one from all perspective. Its stylish, bold, responsive, no lag, slowdowns, hanging issues although glitches are quite often in every operating systems because they are bound to come and resolve but apple tries to make the smooth running of applications through the software enhancement. It tries to bring updates as often as possible to resolve the issues and providing more stability to the device. The bug and glitch reporting system in ios is also quite responsive.

The Biggest Advantage Any Games On Any Iphone

Above of the various aspects we talked about this one is most interesting. You might have seen while using any android phones and the one thing that annoys is the hardware specifications. There are various hardware specifications for various type of devices. They might be low pricy to high end flagships but when it comes to using some heavy apps or games on devices, the androids are always different. Some of the applications in android don’t work because of android version being outdated or not upgradeable or the hardware configurations being too low and the biggest advantage we have here in iphone’s is we can play the Modern Combat 5 game with similar experience either on iPhone 4s or on iPhone 6 Plus. They will work on both the devices although the new devices will lead to a more great experience but the fact that arises here is that iPhone 4s being an outdated phone by apple but that doesn’t mean that the functionality of all the apps available in the app store might be taken up for the old devices. Although the mobiles may not be able to update to higher software upgrades but that too is for the benefits of the consumers to stay with the smooth performance and working of the iPhone. That somehow i would like to say that it increases the life of an iPhone because you get each and every application, software, games similar to those of latest models and hence no need to change it early unless and until there is a major or a lot change in the latest model.

Mind Paying For It. You Don’t Get It All
Now the above mentioned are the facts that would help you understand that what kind of device do you want. If you are ready for an iPhone then the above are the facts you should be ready to admit else if you want to go for an android its cool too. A simple business class and all rounder phone with quality apps, this is what describes iPhone all in all and for those who say its costly for them above is all for the things and extra bucks you are going to pay for.

At Last A Person Like STEVE JOBS

Now if you know what you are going to need as your pocket buddy then its a little bit necessary to know the one who made it. Not a linkedin profile but how the person built a device that is now your pocket buddy. Steve Jobs entrepreneur, marketer, co founder, chairman and CEO of Apple was a leader. He visualized the technology of iPad 30 years ago and his perseverance stood till today as he had built some of the revolutionary devices in the world of technology. Steve Jobs in his regular professional life was a very arrogant and was in greed of innovating a new technology world. He was always thrived to make the technology of his own in his own way. His aim was clear but his employees had to step the ladder altogether with him as success was for all of them. That is why he was always angry and a harsh leader in the company because what he wanted was beyond usual and he finally did it. At last he built an iPhone for us. Have a good day and enjoy the world’s unique creation.

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