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It is great that how technology has been helping human in every sphere of life. It has not only provided us our basic needs to fulfill but also given a hope to make our life more easy and worth. Now that we are fulfilled by the comfort and luxury all around, technology company like Google takes next step further to help the humanity at a whole new level. After an heartthrob incident occurred in Nepal that shook the whole world with a massive earthquake measuring 7.9 on Richter scale and resulting faculties of more than 2300 people and hence the most devastating earthquake after 80 years. Relief efforts are intensifying after huge natural calamity. Similarly Google took an initiative to play a crucial role in helping people to find out their loved one’s who have been missing after any mishappenings globally.

A Little about Google Person Finder
So, Google Person Finder is a project of the Google Crisis Response deviation  of Google.org and was built by Google Engineers in January 2010 while an earthquake took place in Haiti to help those affected by the earthquake and find their loved ones. Similarly Google finder also was active while the 2010 Pakistan and Brazil floods. Floods in Uttarakhand in 2013 also after a 8.9 magnitude earthquake triggered a tsunami in Japan 2011, and also during Boston Marathon Bombings.

How does it work
It is as simple and opening a website and entering random bunch of details about their missing person. All we have to do is just open the website Google.org/personfinder and look on the left panel for the incidents and events which you think your loved ones might have been involved with and after that click on the link with the incident, you would find two colored boxes one in the green stating “I’m looking for someone” and the blue one stating “I have information about someone”. Now click on any one of the buttons as per the information about the missing people you are looking or entering into.
If you select the green option to find someone, all you have to do is enter the name of the person you are looking for or either the parts of the name. Similarly if you find appropriate details of the person you can easily make a contact with them through sending or viewing a message in the message box or also mention or view the last location of the person along with the provision to attach and view photo on the website itself. Also one has to enter the his own details being the finder so that if google finds anyone in its record it could easily identify the person looking for them and that is how through his/her data entered the friend or family could easily contact and make sure they are fine.
However, if you choose the second blue option you can enter the details the person who have or has been separated from his/her own family by entering the names at the initial step after clicking on the second box. Then there would be two columns, left one would let you enter the identification details of the person and the right column would let an individual to enter the status of the missing person. Starting with the left there could be details entered like physical characteristics, home address, description about (how to identify the person), any photo of the missing person, source of record (whether new or record copied from other resource) and now onward to the right is where we have options to write the current status of the person such as whether you are the person, seeking for the person, received an information that the person is alive or you have reason to think that the person is alive. Then there are the same details as mentioned in above paragraphs like any message to be entered/viewed, location, photo and whether the person has been contacted personally after the disaster or no. These are all the details available with Google finder.
Therefore, Google is helping this way to turn the tables while destruction by God or any natural calamity occurs. Although, we do not want destruction or any natural calamity to happen and people losing their lives but we never know what may happen anytime. Also there is a little advice to prevent ourselves from getting trapped inside any building or place while an earthquake triggers. Simply place 3 steel glasses or any other glasses on top of each other in such a position that they stand perfectly aligned on each other and place a plate on the top of the glass located at the top and as and whenever an earthquake strikes in the locality the glasses and plate would fall making you aware whether or not you are asleep that there is something unnatural happening and then suddenly you could take preventive measures such as getting out of the house and find a safe place

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