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Now ever since this latest news about the net neutrality came into the headlines. It shook of the big internet
using community of India. For those who don’t know about net neutrality. Net neutrality is an effort for the freedom of speech and freedom of accessing the way people use the internet without discriminating the content, user, type, site, platform, content or mode of communication. The entry of the villains come here.The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is trying to limit the access of freedom to consumers to look up and open websites, apps, online programmes, graphical content or for that matter anything which they like on the internet in just one data package which was bought earlier. It emerged as the businesses of telecom industry is urging on the decrement but that doesn’t seem the case from the statistical surveys but although the traditional messages have been replaced by WhatsApp and the networking calls have been replaced by VoiP calls a.k.a Viber, WhatsApp, line, WeChat etc. The similar thing happened in other countries like USA and U.K but with the people and citizen’s outcry the government had to hold the matter in U.S whereas other countries have won the battle for net neutrality.

img source: Studentsforliberty.org
Imagine how you would feel when you pay for the MacDonald’s Happy Meal and you only get a Pepsi and a box with just a toy in it. Although, the toy might have a happy face but you won’t have a similar happy expression on the face because you were also supposed to get a veggie burger and fries with that price otherwise how would it comprise as a meal but I am sorry in order to enjoy the full meal after paying the desired value for the meal you have to purchase the veggie burger and the additional French fries along with it. This is what TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) is trying to do. They will provide you various services over the internet with different charges payable. Although you still won’t have a full access over the internet because you just bought the skype package but what about the WhatsApp and the Facebook one. Oh, no how am I supposed to pose a selfie that I clicked with SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) 2 days ago on Instagram, because I have an abundance of followers on my Instagram. Of course you would have to buy the Instagram package for the selfie to be uploaded.

How to Win the Battle
img source: Cdn.inquisitr.com
Just as every battle is won with the huge and massive power. This time again to win the battle the power has to take the shape of digital platform. It’s a digital battle and all we have to do in order to win this battle takes almost nothing from anyone being a citizen of India. Just hardly a minute or two and because of the limitation of time we have to make this battle a result of one of the largest outcry to make internet a place of freedom with each and every possibility of accessing the lawful content present on the world wide web, just like other countries do. TRAI has released a consultation paper with 20 questions spread across 118 complicated pages and wants you to send them an e-mail by 24th of April, 2015. In order to join this moment and stop it we just need to log on to savetheinternet.in and send the email comprising of the consultation paper stated above. That’s all about it. It’s an every email that counts for the way people would choose how to use the internet. It’s our choice but with a deadline of 24th April, 2015. So, let’s choose net neutrality and let the people of India use the internet the way they want.

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