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If I want to buy a product in India, I no longer have to go out from the comfort of my home and bargain for the price the shopkeepers charge as in India you get everything at exaggerated prices unless and until you are not at a proper retail outlet with price tags all over. If you do not bargain you are likely to get trapped and pay high for the same product but that doesn’t mean that if you do not like the bargain option or cannot do it for that matter (like me) you have got another option. Now it was a time few years back when consumers did not trusted online shopping but the increasing amount of efforts put in by the E Commerce companies by ensuring guarantees to the consumers for safeguard the buyer protection rights and save the consumers from adultery has worked up pretty well. There had been certain incidents when the individual sellers on the websites sell bogus products and cheat the consumers. I remember my Facebook wall with couple of these incidents where consumers were shipped rocks and pebbles for a pair of shoes and there was a full video about it but that is no longer a case now. Indians have developed a taste of purchasing online as its much more convenient to shop online without taking much of their time from busy schedule and as a result this is what Indians come up with choosing their best website for making purchases. The below listed websites are in particular order according to their diversity of products, consumer satisfaction and best prices. They would also encourage you upon how and where to make the correct purchase from. The following are the best recommended websites:-

1)  Amazon.in

Amazon is an American electronics commerce company. The largest internet-based retailer in the United States. Amazon operates in various countries with separate retail websites and similarly it is the most preferred websites in India too. The unique features about Amazon is that it sells low end products as well under its inhouse brand Amazon Basics and other features being that its owns bookstore which is one of the best bookstores in the world, provides cloud computing services and produces consumer electronics like Amazon Kindle e-book readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV and Fire phones. Amazon is also famous for its fast shipping and unbeatable price deals for the consumers. I believe that if you don’t get a product anywhere then Amazon is always there. Along with fast shipment Amazon also has easy returns policy.

2) Ebay.in

Ebay is also an American based Multinational corporation and E Commerce website. The website provides consumer to consumer and business to consumer sale services via internet. The website offers an online auction too and provides wide variety of products from electronics, fashion, home, living, beauty products and various other uncategorized products from different sellers. Ebay is one of the most consumer preferred websites mainly because of its auction ability which as of now is the top most prioritized website on the internet. Most of the amazing deals are offered on this website are by sellers from different spheres. Along with that Ebay also knows how to build its consumers trust keep them happy by providing EBay 7 day guarantee. Although Ebay is much skeptic about its easy return policy because they won’t replace product whose description is not mentioned on the internet. I bought a wireless headphone’s made by Nokia through eBay and found that the quality of the sound was not good for that price. The bass was not appropriate and hence asked for a refund but eBay rejected my claim stating that there was no such thing described about the quality of the product by the seller. Seriously, eBay there were many reason’s but not this one although the seller managed to return the product out of eBay and pay me a full fledged refund. Kudos to seller.

3) Flipkart.com

Flipkart is an Indian website started in 2007 by Binny Bansal and Sachin Bansal graduated from IIT Delhi. The website provides a vast range of products varying from electronics, home and kitchen stuff, men’s women’s accessories, baby & kids, books & media and further more products with the category head listed as others. Flipkart also has its own product range under the name of DigiFlip with products including tablets, USB’s and laptop bags. Now although Google is my first step towards searching the product that i want but sometimes the search query does not list products appropriately and hence i prefer to do a individual search on the website, look up for the prices compare them but most of the times prices on Flipkart are bit hyped from the other websites. Also sometimes you get the offers which are only available at Flipkart which makes it one of the ideal websites for Indian’s to place their order on. Also Flipkart is famous for its shipping as it provides super fast delivering of the products within 24 hours in most of the locations. The easy return policy also covers the consumers protection to resolve their product related issues with the click of a button.

4) Snapdeal.com

This one is my favourite website and majority of Indian’s as well. You could get the most of products simply from here without the need of the coupons because the prices are unbelievably the best and so is their support services. Snapdeal had my trust ongoing for almost like 4 years now and i have purchased products from this website for about $10000 and my transaction always went hassle free and also quality of the products were as desired. In case i have any problem regarding the product Snapdeal seemed always to resolve it at their best. This website deserves 5/5 for its services to the consumers and so does the inventors who put in all their efforts to provide a website like Snapdeal.

5) Infibeam.com

Infibeam is also an Indian based ECommerce website involved in Online Retailing. Headquartered in Ahmedabad, India. It is an online retailer for books, automobiles and electronics in India. This website does not provide a diversified variety of products but is worth purchasing electronics and books. The offers and prices are also amazing and the best user interface amongst all the websites. The bold and beautiful designing attracts the visual appearance of the users. The website is worth purchasing products with consideration to electronics.

6) Shopclues.com

Shopclues is another Indian based ECommerce website founded in Silicon Valley, USA in 2011 It has over 12000 registered merchant and over 200000+ products to over 42 million visitors every year across 9500 locations in the country. The website is a perfect solution to diversified variety of products and offers jaw dropping deals.It offers a wide variety of computer accessories, camera, mobile, gift, jewellery, cosmetics, toys, clothes, books and bags. It protects the consumers by offering a 10 day return guarantee for all defective, damaged or not as per description.

These were the most trusted and best websites and the websites worth exploring for buying and purchasing products. Always recommend to these websites while comparing because if you don’t get a deal you want from one then recommend the other but once you get through all these websites you’d be able to make a decision upon the type of product you actually want. I am a tech enthusiast and always rely on these websites to make my purchase worth and not wasting any money. That’s what i call a rational consumer, hope you have a rational purchasing today.


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