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Samsung is just around the block to launch its new flagship device in the continuity of S series devices. Much awaited and famous flagship from Samsung is Samsung Galaxy S6 and in addition to a new trend started by one and only Samsung is the curve or also known by edge series. Samsung luckily started this series and it just turned as another experiment gone success. The Note 4 Edge was much more appreciated by the consumers and even the tech enthusiasts considered this new stylish curve to be a bold move by Samsung and similar to that Samsung along with S6 has planned to launch the Samsung galaxy S6 edge model. No inferences can be drawn yet on the part of consumers but all we can expect is similar hopes and the luck for the Samsung for the smaller screen size itself in regard to the tastes of the consumers. Although everything from battery to screen to hardware and the software is exact the same it’s just the edge that makes a little difference to provide you a choice.  So in this post I’ll be talking about the Samsung galaxy S6 and the major changes brought with the S6 before they hit the market.

Physical Aspect
In terms of physical aspect Samsung does stick to its basic front look that proves it to be yet another Samsung or we can say that it’s yet another Samsung device from the front but there has to be certain changes in regards to the previous model. So this time S6 has been made the device 6.8mm thin provided a curvy edged sides which somehow looks like an iPhone 6 especially from the bottom, where all the three things headphone jack, micro usb port and the speaker have been aligned together. The silver metal sides and the volume rockers and lock buttons on the right and left. The sim card try is right below the power button on the right. Although, it depends on how you like the phone based on while holding it in your hands but it is one of the best phones to hold with its grip and sleek design.

The Real Metal Sides
Every now and then the Samsung devices that we have been using since day 1 had those metal painted on the plastic sides and not the original metal and now that Samsung thought of not fooling but instead providing real silver metal on the sides to provide a real look or I must say a real deal to the consumers. The metal sides perform the function of grip and not the back panel in fact the grip that’s why is very great provided that the metal sides are the one and only great supporters to provide that great feel in the hand.


It’s an obvious notion that every succeeding series of device will have a better screen performance may it be a slight change or a major dive on to the screen and this time the screen has taken a major transformation in terms of display that would provide sharp texts, super bright display for text and images and an eye capturing experience for S6 users. Samsung kept the screen size according to the basic holding hands with 5.1 inch screen size and quad HD AMOLED display along 2K and with a pixel density of 577 pixels per inch. WOW that’s really tight. 

The Hardware Performance

Just as and when a new flagship arrives it fades away the previous hardware specs from the past released devices. According to me this is what flagships are meant for. The S6 brings a whole lot of new experience to the S series. The S6 sidestepped the jump to Qualcomm's latest Snapdragon 810 processor and replaced it with its new own chipset Exynos 7420 2.1 GHZ MALI T760, octa core processor and 3GB ram. This thing as of now can be termed as a beast on the trail.

The Fingerprint Scanner

Samsung introduced its fingerprint scanner in the S5 which was based on a swiping down finger pattern but this time Samsung makes it more real by just placing a finger on the finger print sensor just like iPhones out there. I wonder sometimes whether its iPhone that is lacking the latest tech or the Samsung that somehow forgets to add the necessary element required or gets quite late in getting on track. Although, it works pretty dope and quick just within fraction of a second.

Wireless Charging

Now that the Nokia is quite famous for its wireless charging ability. Samsung took a step ahead and decided to bring a change in their charging pattern too. Samsung brought up a wireless charging facility through the Samsung Galaxy S6 and now that you can simply place the phone on the wireless charger to get your charging started. It’s not just compatible but build for rapidly charging the device and that is what makes the experience a bit different from usual. Although android authority on YouTube showed a modified version of how to charge Samsung Galaxy Note 4 but still it was not an authentic way to charge the mobile quickly as it was a bit slow and just a temporary solution of what was expected to come up in Samsung Galaxy S6. The mobile world congress showed a very well demo of the wireless charging and we get a glimpse of the wireless charging from Samsung and hence is expected to make a change in which the people would like to charge their devices.

The UI or TouchWiz
Samsung knows its flaws very well and admits to the fact that their TouchWiz is a big mess for users. The amount of heavy and slow that it makes the phone is what I think no other brand’s mobile does. Although Samsung tries hard to battle with their own software and make a marginal win every time. The better thing we can say here is that it’s improving. The TouchWiz in Galaxy S6 is much smoother and fast as compared to previous flagship phones by Samsung. Although Samsung claims that it has improved the performance of the TouchWiz by 40% but still there are remains of the performance lag not often though. Android Lollipop 5.0.2 is blazingly fast and the multitasking can be experienced at a superbly fast speed and hence the switching of the apps too. The stock Samsung apps still tend to be there although they are reduced down upto certain extent but still it feels like their needs something more to be done in terms of TouchWiz and Samsung’s stock apps along with the third party apps installed. The icons also need to be overhauled in regards to the stock app icons.

There are abundance of camera options which are worth exploring in the device. Along with 16 megapixels camera and an aperture of f1.9 it’s beyond average camera with amazing low light picture taking ability. The pictures can be focused while taking shots as well as after. The optical image stabilization is worth of checking too. The new camera shortcut is a cool thing to fiddle with. No matter wherever in the device you are, whichever app you have opened just double tab the home button to switch to the camera and take a picture real quick or under just a second. Yes, it is that fast. The rear camera is aligned in the center although people have been complaining of its alignment and providing a not so good experience while texting but it’s actually perfect while you are typing while sitting on a table. That is not much of an issue too. The front facing camera is 5MP providing a wide angle and the same 1.9 aperture and hence providing the best selfie shots for the selfie nation as it’s much easier to take selfies by tapping on the IR sensor at the back once to click a picture. The camera also supports 4K video for the video shooters. Now that mobile phone companies have been focusing on promoting the next level video taking ability 4K seems to be a great opportunity. Next to 1080p, 4k has a resolution 2160p and hence records video @30fps, which is again a lead apart from providing the basic 1080p, and 720p also.

IR Sensor

It’s finally time to talk about the sensor on which Samsung has been working hard and is turning a lead as well. The IR sensor and the flash altogether are placed vertically this time on the phone. Whether it is to monitor the heart rate or take a picture, the IR sensor is always there for you. Even if you do not want to monitor your heart rate the sensor would still keep the data from the last time you placed your finger on the IR scanner. Isn’t that cool.

No Memory card slot
It was quite expected from Samsung being its first device without the expandable memory card slot option. Sounds a little weird but it’s better to get used to it just as the iPhone users are since the beginning. The S6 now no longer has an external or internal memory slot to extend the memory which very well points out that the device would now be available in 3 variants. The 32GB, 64GB and the ultimate 128GB. Seems like the micro SD cards business is pretty much going down the rope and the ladder would fall even bad in case this continues on the other hand it provides consumers to make a one-time investment on the model they want to opt as an initial. The choice depends upon the type of use, heavy users can go for big size. As a general advice 32GB is the best variant to choose as it would be a sufficient as well as more than sufficient rather than opting for the 64GB or 128GB accordingly.

Non Removable Back Panel

First time in the Samsung’s history the S6 and S6 edge both have a non-removable back panel which means that now it’s no longer an easy thing to replace battery or is equal to non-removable battery. Now this decision somehow is more beneficial to the Samsung as well as the consumers. The non-removable back panel would maintain security for the devices to open up as soon as they hit the surface hard and scatter badly unlike other Samsung phones. There are certain disadvantages too but the ladder has to go this way and consumers have to get through it at least they should try it at once.

No Water Resistant
Water resistant is also one of the ongoing trend these days especially with the Sony devices but it looks like the water resistant does not add fragility to the device and does not provide enough durability to the device itself and hence Samsung decided not to make a deal with the water resistance technology therefore not adding the element of IP 67 certified. This might be some sort of benefit or no benefit as there’s not much of requirement of water resistant these days.

The device is no doubt the high-tech beast to have as it has emerged as a status and symbol to have latest gadgets in day to day lives. Everyone wants to stay updated with the latest technology to enjoy the best of what’s new in the tech field. The Galaxy S6 is a deal for that price. Now that the choice lies within yourself to go for the edge one or the plain S6. The edge is not worth paying 160$ more than the S6 with everything same and just those curvy edge. Just in case the price for the edge drops down then it is worth considering else I would stick to S6 straightaway without any second thoughts. Just let me know what are your thoughts on that and also let me know the reasons for your choices in respect to the edge and the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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