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Technology is changing according to the way people want. Tech companies are trying to make a step ahead of their competitors. It is difficult to draw an inference about which one is best. Wearable gadgets have created a big buzz in the technology sector starting from calculators to the google glasses and now to smart watches. An Australian survey reveals that 26% of the population of Australia wants to buy wearable smart watches and by the end of 2016. Although most of the resources say that 70% of the consumers are buying wearable tech or smart watches to help them improve their fitness which makes it one of the major reasons to buy wearable tech for fitness. The other reasons being fashionable, stylish and the ability to help an individual in regular chores.

1) Beyond Time Keeping

img source:- Phandroid.s3.amazonaws.com
It is time to move ahead, while we have smartphones where we could get the clock 24/7 for 365 days. It was a necessity to bring a change in the way people look at the watches. This is where technology and smartphone companies started to think about the abilities of a watch engage the consumers more apart from displaying of the regular time. That is what makes technology companies working on their add-on gadgets for the big buzz around the corner. If you are looking for some extraordinary features in your watch there you have a product available for you.

2) Fitness Buddy
img source:- Thesmartwatchreview.com
Just as I had drawn a light upon the fitness buddy that these smart watches can be its fascinating that you could track the level of fitness as it would help you calculate your steps in a day, BPI, heart rate so that you could monitor your health stats and the achievement’s you achieved, keeping you motivated enough and would also would suggest you the exercises according to your body by keeping track of your weight, height and heart rate again.

3) Convenient access
img source:- Thenational.ae
Anything that is wearable becomes mostly a part of regular routine as it provides us a convenient access to the activities performed in a day. Similarly smart watches could post a status update show you notifications and handle tweets very well. Depending upon the watch made by a particular company some watches even take pictures for you either with the smartphone camera or a camera of their own. Music, messaging, calendar are almost normal but the convenience they provide to consumer is what makes a difference. Unlike there are 6000 apps in the pebble’s watch which obviously makes you think about the creativity provided in a small display on your wrist, making your wrist not a common wrist. 

4) Fashion Statement
img source:- Trazeetravel.com
Obviously these days technology and fashion work hand in hand. Where you have the latest gadget a match to your personality it tends to become a fashion statement. Smart watches are being made with amazing designs, light weight and beautiful displays that have ability to change wallpapers. That sounds a lot of fun, change the wallpaper according to you choice of color of t-shirt, jeans, beautiful dress, suit and how about your interests.

5) Time for a Change
img source:- Thelabel.in
Obviously with a new piece of tech hitting the market various choices by several competitors arrive along and hence making it difficult to choose the right one. The choice depends on an individual's use and demand. Although the watch that is all-rounder and fascinates me the most is non other than the watch would be upcoming in May the one known as Pebble smartwatch. The best smartwatch for money at just $99. It features an Android operating software with more than 6000 apps and features like water resistant, multiple colors like including black, orange, grey and red. The pebble makes it easy to view notifications like call, text, emails and works very well with fitness apps like Runkeeper, Jawbone up. It provides an ePaper display making it easy to read in sunlight. Although there would be much better quality pebble for $199 proving better stainless steel and better design. That doesn’t limited our choices. The other smart watches that are on my list are LG G watch R (best android watch), Apple Watch (most anticipated watch), Pebble time, Samsung Gear 2, Gear Fit etc.

Signing Off
Considering the technology on the verge of its expansion, wearable gadgets like smart watches sound cool in the consumer market where the basic consumer is surrounded by technology but it would take time to understand the abilities of a smartwatch and hence smart watches could be a big gadget for consumers. It does not stop drawing attention from technology enthusiasts exploring the best of the technology and there would be no restraint for the consumer in terms of smart watches to become a common gadget around and to be accepted in the prevailing environment.

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