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Oh yes, so when a problem arises or you are troubled by the constantly changing technology that is where you start finding out solution infact start yourself to update with the ongoing technology or start preparing for the future technology as well. Although it’s hard to constantly update ourselves with the technology but no matter what, we find ourselves learning about something new with either of anyway, whether it is through friends, family or something new that we see in an outlet, market or showrooms. The fascinating technology attracts us very well. 

It was not until when I realized that I need to move my computer from the living room to my own personal room and now that the internet modem is in the living room with a WLan cable attached to my computer, how am I going to use the internet in my bed room. So that I had to shift my computer no matter at any cost not knowing such thing like usb  Wi-Fi adapter but the fact I thought for a while about some sort of solution to such a small issue that I encountered. I went to google did some research of how to use internet on computers without the WLan cable and boom there was my solution. A Wi-Fi adapter that is a tiny little thing hooks up to my computer and again I am back with the world connected. 

What is a Wi-Fi adapter?
For all those who are unaware about what a Wi-Fi adapter is, I’d like to give you a brief description not from Wikipedia because that takes forever. A Wi-Fi adapter is a small usb device that is used to catch Wi-Fi
signals and get the internet transmission on your computer or PC’s that do not have inbuilt Wi-Fi network
device in them. As a matter of fact that almost all the computers now a days are equipped with Wi-Fi’s in them but still the one that you get assembled or the old one’s are the only devices that need the help of this little thing to get the internet connected. We are very well familiar with the Wi-Fi’s in our phones, tablets and laptops as they are a part of the devices itself. This is where we need adapters to hook up with big machines and get them connected to the internet.

The Manufactures
There are abundance of companies manufacturing and building the Wi-Fi adapters. The most famous of them is TP-Link, D-Link, Realtek, ZTE, Huawei, Netgear, Leoxsys, Belkin etc. The availability of these devices in various companies depends upon the country that you live in. Varying from different range the most commonly used Wi-Fi adapters are 150mbps and 300mbps. These are just the same variables that we get in modem routers.

Which One to Buy
These Wi-Fi adapters are suitable if you want to use your computers of PC’s nearby to the router or that your router is just in another room or 2 rooms upfront. These are the minimum range adapters as 150 is the basic range and most commonly used. Based on the range of your wireless modem too the requirement of the adapter depends. If you have a 300mbps wireless router and you know that the range definitely would come in the room you want to use it in just go for the 150mbps one or that you know your modem provides a low signal strength then you should prefer the 300mpbs one because that is the one which would provide you the perfect signal strength that you want. Also if you have your internet modem very far from your room it’s much better to use your Wi-Fi enabled devices to check whether you are able to get the range in your room or that even that too is way bad signal. For that matter you should definitely upgrade your modem to 300mbps and similarly get a 300mbps Wi-Fi adapter too for that matter.

The installation of Wi-Fi adapter’s is similar to any other driver that we install. It’s just following up with the
drivers CD available with the product packaging and installing the correct driver depending upon the architecture of your computer. Whether it is a 32bit or 64bit architecture and also make sure the version of operating system that you are using. Every operating system has a different driver such as windows XP, Vista, 7 or windows 8. There are different drivers for all these windows and sometimes common and compatible with all the windows version as well.

Where to buy?
You basically can get this tiny little powerful don from almost each and every computer accessories retail, wholesalers and distributors etc. Being one of the most common computer accessory and much needed today it is easily accessible to every consumer out there. Although I prefer to buy it from ecommerce websites such as eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Shopclues because of no bargaining and just the price which you have to give and also of the buyers security as these days ecommerce websites are most secure than even local shops and the money back guarantee in case the product doesn’t work upto the mark and that is what drives me crazy upon these websites. I am so into these websites that the best deals that I don’t even get in the markets or even at distributors, I unhesitatingly get them at online retail stores as some of the websites even provide product direct from the factories without any intermediate involved and hence getting the beat deal at unbeatable price.

I have had three of the Wi-Fi adapters from TP-Link, D-Link and a local one from eBay which is working so well and the cheapest deal I found on the internet. The prices of Wi-Fi adapters vary from Rs175 ($2.80) to Rs1000 ($16) high end (a.k.a antenna one).  I’ll put down the link in case you want the cheapest and the best one. Although it doesn’t have any warranty or guarantee but it is working perfect for me since 1 year. The choice is definitely yours either go with the brand ones which too work perfect or the cheap one.

Amazon:- Wi-Fi Adapters

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